Plantilia:Infobox Ruso pederal a suheto: Paggiddiatan a nagbaetan dagiti rebision

awan ti pakabuklan ti panagurnos
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<td>&nbsp;'''-&nbsp;Kapusek'''<ref name="DensityNote">The density value was calculated by dividing the population reported by the 2010 Census by the area shown in the "Area" field. Please note that this value may not be accurate as the area specified in the infobox is not necessarily reported for the same year as the population.</ref></td>
<td>10,544 /km<sup>2</sup> (27,310 /kd milia)</td>
<td><!--{{convert|{{#expr:{{{pop_2010census}}}/{{{area_km2}}} round 2}}|PD/km2|abbr=on}}--></td>
</tr>{{#ifeq: {{{political_status}}} | Federal city | | <tr class="mergedrow"><!-- if federal city, skip urban/rural pop -->