Paggiddiatan a nagbaetan dagiti rebision ti "Aurora (panangilawlawag)"

Ti '''[[Aurora]]''' ket mabalinmaysa a dumakamatprobinsia kadagitiiti sumaganad:Pilipinas.
Ti '''Aurora''' ket balikasmabalin pay a [[Latin]] iti "[[parbangon]]".dumakamat kadagiti sumaganad:
== Luglugar==
== [[Pilipinas]] ==
* [[Aurora (provincia)]]
* [[Maria Aurora, Aurora]]
* [[Aurora, Isabela]]
* [[Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur]]
== [[Guatemala]] ==
* [[La Aurora International Airport]], idiay [[Guatemala City, Guatemala]].
== [[Canada]] ==
* [[Aurora, Ontario]]
* [[Aurora Place, Alberta]]
* [[Aurora, New Brunswick]]
== [[Abagatan nga Africa]] ==
* [[Aurora, Abagatan nga Africa]]
== [[Estados Unidos]] ==
* [[Aurora, Alabama]]
* [[Aurora, Alaska]]
* [[Aurora, Arkansas]]
* [[Aurora, California]]
* [[Aurora, Colorado]]
* [[Aurora, Florida]]
* [[Aurora, Illinois]]
* [[Aurora, Indiana]]
* [[Aurora, Iowa]]
* [[Aurora, Kansas]]
* [[Aurora, Kentucky]]
* [[Aurora, Louisiana]]
* [[Aurora, Maine]]
* [[Aurora, Michigan]]
* [[Aurora, Minnesota]]
* [[Aurora, Missouri]]
* [[Aurora, Montana]]
* [[Aurora, Nebraska]]
* [[Aurora, Nevada]]
* [[Aurora, New Mexico]]
* [[Aurora, Cayuga County, New York]]
* [[Aurora, Erie County, New York]]
* [[Aurora, North Carolina]]
* [[Aurora, Ohio]]
* [[Aurora, Oklahoma]]
* [[Aurora, Oregon]]
* [[Aurora, South Dakota]]
* [[Aurora, Texas]]
* [[Aurora, Utah]]
* [[Aurora, West Virginia]]
* [[Aurora, Florence County, Wisconsin]]
* [[Aurora, Taylor County, Wisconsin]]
* [[Aurora, Washington County, Wisconsin]]
* [[Aurora, Waushara County, Wisconsin]]
* [[Aurora County, South Dakota]]
* [[Aurora Township, North Dakota]]
== Diosa ==
* Aurora was the [[ancient Roman]] equivalent of [[Eos]], the [[ancient Greek]] [[goddess]] of the [[dawn]].
== [[Astronomia]]==
* [[Aurora (astronomy)|Aurora]], an [[atmospheric]] [[optical]] [[phenomenon]] caused by [[electric]]ally-charged [[solar wind]] particles bombarding the upper atmosphere of a [[planet]] in the presence of a magnetic field.
== [[Karro]] ==
**[[Aurora (1957 automobile)|Aurora safety car of 1957]]
**[[Oldsmobile Aurora]]
== [[Eroplano]] ==
** A (possibly fictional) [[United States Air Force|U.S. Air Force]] hypersonic spy plane. See [[Aurora aircraft]].
** The [[Canada|Canadian]] name for the [[P-3 Orion]] [[maritime patrol]] aircraft.
== [[Barko]] ==
** Ten ships of the [[Royal Navy]] named [[HMS Aurora|HMS ''Aurora'']].
** The name of the cruiser in [[Saint Petersburg]] that rang in the [[Russian Revolution of 1917]]. See [[cruiser Aurora]].
** One of two [[Australia]]n [[Antarctic]] expedition vessels; see [[Aurora (ship)]] and [[Aurora Australis (icebreaker)]].
** [[MV Aurora|MV ''Aurora'']], a [[cruise ship]] operated by [[P & O Cruises]].
** [[M/V Aurora|M/V ''Aurora'']], a [[ferry]] vessel operated by the [[Alaska Marine Highway System]].
* In space:
** An [[asteroid]], discovered by J. C. Watson, in September 6, 1867. See [[94 Aurora]].
** The [[Aurora Programme]], a strategy of the [[European Space Agency]].
== Fiksion ==
* The [[princess]] in [[Walt Disney]]'s version of ''[[Sleeping Beauty (1959 film)|Sleeping Beauty]]''. See [[Princess Aurora]].
* A [[superhero]] in the [[Marvel Universe]]. See [[Aurora (comics)|Aurora]]
* One of the [[Spacer (Asimov)|Spacer]] worlds in [[Isaac Asimov]]'s fiction. See [[Aurora (planet)]].
* A [[science fiction]] & [[fantasy]] [[society]] from [[Rijeka]], [[Croatia]]. See [[Aurora, SF society]]
== Musica ==
**a [[United Kingdom|UK]] [[House music|house]] group, also known as [[Aurora UK]]
**a [[California]] ([[US]])-based [[Ambient music|ambient]] group
**a [[US]] [[contemporary Christian]] [[R&B]] group
**a [[Mexico|Mexican]] [[Latin music]] band.
**a [[Hungary|Hungarian]] [[punk rock]] band, formed in [[1982]].
**a [[symphonic poem]] composed by the late [[William Lloyd Webber]], father of musical theater composer-impresario [[Andrew Lloyd Webber]] and renowned cellist [[Julian Lloyd Webber]].
**a [[song]] by [[Iceland|Icelandic]] [[singer-songwriter]] [[Björk]] from her [[Album (music)|album]] [[Vespertine]] ([[2001]])
**an album by [[Susumu Hirasawa]], ''[[Aurora (album)|Aurora]]''
== [[Biolohia]] ==
* The [[collective noun]] for a group of [[polar bear]]s.
* Ti nagan dagiti pamilya ti kinases
* Nasikat a nagan ti babbai