Paggiddiatan a nagbaetan dagiti rebision ti "Wikipedia:Annuroten iti gramatika ken panangiletra"

Kunana pay:
: ''Core case articles are used in front of nouns corresponding to possessors, or verbal or predicate arguments, while oblique articles correspond to non-arguments (nouns that are ordinarily preceded by a preposition in English). Remember that intransitive verbs take one argument in IlocanoIlokano, and transitive verbs may take two.''
Kas pagarigan:
Nailet iti balasang. — It is tight on the young lady.
Nakakita ti lalaki iti babai. — The boy saw a girl. (intransitive verb)
Nalawa ti palda iti baket. — The skirt is loseloose on the old lady.
Napanda iti uneg ti simbaan. — They went inside the church.

nga inur-urnos