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Lam-ang --
Thanks for taking the administrative mantle of the Ilocano Wikipedia. I started and designed this thing in 2005 (our header is different from others as you can see :-) and was developing it with another admin for a long whileyears. I didn't think anyone else was interested. But I'm glad to see more interest. I have been busy with other things since (kasta man ti biag). The site looks super, proud of what you have done, and I'm glad it's growing.
You can keep me as back-up admin, if you like. NaimbagI awill barotry tawen!to contribute again as much as I can.
Naimbag a baro tawen!
[[Agar-aramat:Tarong|Tarong]] ([[Agar-aramat tungtungan:Tarong|tungtungan]]) 23:49, 29 Disiembre 2012 (UTC)

nga inur-urnos